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Limited Production
Master Craftsmanship
Unparalleled Qaulity
The Mayfair M98 action being hot drop hammer forged

The Mayfair M98 action is the worlds only hot drop hammer forged action. each one takes a great many hours to complete and are individually hand produced by our skilled master craftsmen.

The MPR logo being machined into the metal
The Mayfair Action going into the furnace
Hand filing an MRR action
Precision craftsmanship
Handcrafted in England

Each action is tested by Mr Richard Mabbitt the 27th Proof Master to hold the title since 1637 and receives the crowned stamp or “Proof Mark “ as a visual sign of the Quality and Safety of the Arm on the bolt, action and barrel.

The Proof House of the Gun Makers Company of the City of London

THE              WRAITH

Compact, light and powerful, the Wraith has a 17 inch barrel in calibre specific twists combined with a shorter fore-end. Particularly useful if your hunt involves vehicles or helicopters.

The MPR Wraith
The MPR Vanquish

THE               VANQUISH

When range is your goal whether in the field orwhen target shooting, the Vanquish sports a 24 inch barrel with a longerfore-end suitable for the mounting of various optical or electronic aiming aids.

THE              WRAITH

THE              VANQUISH

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For over 20 years Mayfair Engineering have been master gunmakers to some of the oldest and most exclusive names in London Best Gun making circles and abroad.

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